Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Part 1, Unit 16, Conduct 11 - Listening Actively and Generatively

Focus on Attention Management: It increases the ability to focus attention, which can be done at the individual and organisational levels. To understand attention management, people must know where they concentrate most. Most experts divide attention into four zones: (1) Intentional: - when working intentionally, people plan strategically and prioritise their activities. (2) Responsive: - people are responding to the world around them in this area. (3) Interrupted: - people spend too much time answering messages and handling situations that interrupt their work. (4) Unproductive: - occurs when people waste time at work. Unless you are on a scheduled break, checking Facebook and chatting is unproductive.

Attention CEO: The CEO guides the direction of their companies. The attention of a CEO will determine the attention management of an organisation. CEOs must focus the attention of their employees on ways to drive business and move the company in the right direction. Modern CEOs face the dilemma of attracting and keeping employees' attention. Understanding the different types of attention and implementing attention management techniques will allow CEOs to motivate employees towards more tremendous success. To accomplish this, CEOs must focus their expectations on (1) Internal Attention: - paying attention to internal procedures, and (2) External Attention: - focusing on objects outside the organisation.

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